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GHS 20i (bezdrôtová rúčka pre vhf 200i a 300i)



Part. No. 010-11190-01
EAN 753759091361
GHS 20i (bezdrôtová rúčka pre vhf 200i a 300i)

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GHS 20
Charging cradle
Belt clip
Wrist lanyard
Mounting hardware
The GWH 20 wireless hub is required.




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GHS 10i


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Výpredaj! Pôvodná MOC: 249,90€ s dph.

The GHS 20 is a wireless remote handset allowing full control of your VHF 200, VHF 300 or 300 AIS series1 radio from a remote location. The simple design offers a backlit LCD display, soft keys and a rotary knob to adjust volume, squelch and channel selection. A 16/9 softkey automates distress calling, while a large rechargeable lithium-ion battery provides a quicker charge and longer range.

For full wireless capability, a GWH 20 wireless hub is required (the radio only supports one GWH 20). We offer a bundled version of the GHS 20 with the GWH 20. The GWH 20 provides intercom capability with the base station and supports up to 3 GHS 20 handsets onboard.

1 A software update may be required before you can use the GHS 20 with your VHF radio. Contact Garmin Customer Support for more information.

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Napájanie:  10 - 35 VDC / 33,5 W
product_web:  35689, 448, 9281
Garmin Marine Network™ kompatibilný:  Áno



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